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/*    WebDownloader for X-Window
 *    Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Koshelev Maxim
 *    This Program is free but not GPL!!! You can't modify it
 *    without agreement with author. You can't distribute modified
 *    program but you can distribute unmodified program.
 *    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#ifndef T_MAIN
#define T_MAIN
#include <pthread.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "dlist.h"
#include "meter.h"
#include "mainlog.h"
#include "srvclt.h"
#include "fsearch.h"
#include "msgqueue.h"
#include "dqueue.h"

class tMain{
      int prev_speed_limit;
      unsigned int LastTime;
      GList *list_to_delete;
      tMsgServer *server;
      tMsgQueue *MsgQueue;
      tFtpSearchCtrl *ftpsearch;
      tSpeedQueue *SpeedScheduler;
      int LastReadedBytes;
      void case_download_completed(tDownload *what);
      void case_download_failed(tDownload *what);

      void try_to_run_split(tDownload *what);
      void stop_split(tDownload *what);
      void check_split(tDownload *dwn);
      int try_to_run_download(tDownload *what);
      void absolute_delete_download(tDownload *what);

      void add_dir(tDownload *parent,int http=0);
      void print_info(tDownload *what);
      void redirect(tDownload *what,d4xDownloadQueue *dq);
      void del_all_from_list(int list,d4xDownloadQueue *queue=(d4xDownloadQueue *)NULL);
      unsigned int get_precise_time();
      void run_msg_server();
      void speed_calculation(tDownload *what);
      void run_without_face();
      void main_circle_first(tDownload *dw);
      void main_circle_second(tDownload *dwn);
      void init_qtree(tQueue *list,d4xDownloadQueue *papa=(d4xDownloadQueue *)NULL);
      void stop_all(tQueue *q);
      void stop_all_offline(tQueue *q);
      int try_to_switch_split(tDownload *dwn,tDownload *gp);
      int try_to_switch(tDownload *dwn);
      void prepare_for_stoping_pre(tDownload *what);
      void sizequery_run_first(d4xDownloadQueue *q);
      int init();
      void init_main_log();
      void speed();
        void main_circle();
      void main_circle_nano1();
      void main_circle_nano2();
        void del_completed(d4xDownloadQueue *queue=(d4xDownloadQueue *)NULL);
      void del_fataled(d4xDownloadQueue *queue=(d4xDownloadQueue *)NULL);
        void del_all();
      void rerun_failed();
        void load_defaults();
      void set_speed(int speed);
      void check_for_remote_commands();
        void redraw_logs();
        void reinit_main_log();
      void schedule_download(tDownload *what);
      /* manipulation by url */
      tDownload *find_url(tAddr *adr);
      void move_to_sizequery(tDownload *what);
      void stop_download_url(tAddr *adr);
      void delete_download_url(tAddr *adr);
        void continue_download_url(tAddr *adr);
      /* manipulations with downloads */
        void stop_download(tDownload *what);
        int delete_download(tDownload *what,int flag=0);
        void continue_download(tDownload *what);
      int add_downloading(char *adr,char *where=(char *)NULL,char *name=(char *)NULL,char *desc=(char *)NULL);
      tDownload *add_downloading(tDownload *what,int to_top=0);
      tDownload *add_downloading_to(tDownload *what,int to_top=0);
      void ftp_search(tDownload *what,int type=0);
      void ftp_search_name(char *name);
      void add_download_message(tDownload *what);
      void run(int argv, char **argc);
      int set_auto_run(int a);
      void run_after_quit();
      void done();
      void try_to_run_run(d4xDownloadQueue *papa);
      /* next method used by URL-manager too */
      void try_to_run_wait(d4xDownloadQueue *papa);
      void insert_into_wait_list(tDownload *what,d4xDownloadQueue *dq);
      /* next methods are public especialy for tFtpSearchCtrl */
      void post_stopping(tDownload *what);
      void prepare_for_stoping(tDownload *what);
      int run_new_thread(tDownload *what);
      void ftp_search_remove(tDownload *what);
      void ftp_search_reping(tDownload *what);
      void quit();
      void switch_offline_mode();

typedef void (*d4xQTreeFunc) (d4xDownloadQueue *dq,void *p);
void d4x_qtree_for_each(d4xQTreeFunc dothis,void *a);

void *download_last(void *);
int get_port_by_proto(char *proto);
int calc_curent_run(char *host,int port);
void create_new_queue(char *name,d4xDownloadQueue *papa=(d4xDownloadQueue *)NULL);
int d4x_only_one_queue();

extern tMLog *MainLog;
extern tMeter *GlobalMeter;
extern tMeter *LocalMeter;
extern tMeter *GraphMeter;
extern tMeter *GraphLMeter;

extern d4xDownloadQueue *D4X_QUEUE;
extern tQueue D4X_QTREE;

extern tMain _aa_;


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